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Greatest Need
Your support helps patients like Ron fight COVID-19 – and win

Like many of us, Ron Benoit and his family couldn’t quite believe the coronavirus was real at first. They were cautious, though,...

Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute
Voices from the frontline
George Pappas, M.D.

As our knowledge of COVID-19 has grown throughout the year, one thing has been clear: it’s virtually impossible to predict who will...

Women's Health and Pediatrics
Voices from the frontline
Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, M.D.

Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, M.D., wants to help women through the aging process. As our medical director for menopause, she’s intent on...

Greatest Need
Voices from the frontline
Elizabeth Wako, M.D.

One of the greatest challenges of navigating the pandemic this spring, according to Elizabeth Wako, M.D., was that we didn’t...

Pediatric Specialty Care
Voices from the frontline
Benjamin Starnes, M.D.

With virtually every school district in western Washington opting to start the new year with remote learning, kids in the Puget...

Greatest Need
Voices from the frontline
Jason Goldman, M.D., M.P.H.

Since the first COVID-19 test result came back positive at one of our hospitals, Jason Goldman, M.D, M.P.H., hasn’t stopped looking...

Swedish Neuroscience Institute
Voices from the frontline
Yince Loh, M.D.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Yince Loh, M.D., expected that telehealth would play a larger part in the future of health care...

Greatest Need
Voices from the frontline
Kevin Wang, M.D.

Kevin Wang, M.D., teaches compassion and leads with empathy.

Both have been a priority for Dr. Wang throughout...