The Robert and Jean Reid Family Innovative Therapeutics and Research Unit at Swedish Cancer Institute

Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) has been at the forefront of treatment since it was founded in 1932, producing groundbreaking advancements in radiation oncology and leadership in clinical research, all on a foundation of patient-centered, holistic care.

Continuing that tradition, the physicians and administrative leadership of SCI have created a program that complements the excellent integrated care at Swedish with state of the art genomic and molecular science, which has the potential to transform cancer detection, diagnosis and therapy and patient outcomes. This new scientific approach is often called ‘personalized medicine.’

Personalized medicine draws on an evolving understanding of molecular biology, and of the molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis to find the personal “molecular fingerprint” of both tumor and patient. This molecular profile information is then evaluated to customize preventative or anticancer therapy. Increasingly, this approach will take precedence over a patient’s tumor location.

Every patient at SCI will have the option to “opt-in” to this new approach to cancer treatment, which will complement SCI’s research driven, evidence based, disease oriented and patient centered care model.

As the largest clinical provider of cancer care in the Pacific Northwest, Swedish is well-positioned to lead the way in this evolution of cancer treatment as well as to carry out transformational population-based clinical research.

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