Kaplan Cancer Research Fund

The Kaplan Cancer Research Fund at Swedish was started in 1984 as a series of grants that Dr. Henry Kaplan had received while doing research related to experimental drug trials. Since then, donors have sustained these research efforts—donating $454,000 in 2013 alone—bringing total donations in support of the Kaplan Cancer Research Fund to more than $3.1 million.

The primary focus of Dr. Kaplan’s research continues to be on breast cancer, although he is also continuing his work in hematological malignancies – cancers affecting blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes – and, more recently, in the area of targeted therapy for genomic mutation.

The success of the Kaplan Cancer Research Fund’s efforts relies heavily on the expertise and skills of Dr. Judith Malmgren, a statistical expert and epidemiologist; and Mary Atwood, who runs the Swedish breast cancer database known as the Swedish Breast Registry. The Kaplan Cancer Research team is lucky to be a part of a thriving community of research and to have local and national collaborators, whose partnerships deepen the impact of our research.

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