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Swedish Digestive Health Network

Your digestive system involves many organs with different functions. When you have a complex digestive health issue, it’s important to have the right experts involved in diagnosing and treating your specific condition. The Swedish Digestive Health Network is a group of highly trained doctors, surgeons and clinicians from all digestive health specialties who work together to treat patients with conditions in all disease stages.

When you support the Swedish Digestive Health Network, you help patients access extraordinary care that’s based on research and provides the educational information needed to make informed care decisions about their disease and treatment options. 

Bringing financial peace of mind to our organ transplant patients

As one of just seven kidney transplant centers and one of just four liver transplant centers in the Pacific Northwest, patients come to the Swedish Organ Transplant Program from all over the world for our pioneering transplantation expertise.

As you can imagine, needing an organ transplant can be stressful and strain patients financially. By supporting the Organ Transplant Program, you can help bring peace of mind to our kidney, liver, and pancreas transplant patients by offering financial assistance to those who have difficulty paying for costs associated with treatment. 

Improving patient care by educating our extraordinary caregivers

Our nurses are the core of a patient’s transplant care team, providing highly-skilled care to our patients. At Swedish, we are committed to providing the highest-quality patient care available – this includes ensuring our nurses are skilled, competent and caring.

When you support to the Gastroenterology Nurse Education fund, you help provide ongoing educational opportunities for our nurses to help them grow in their ability to care for our patients at the highest level.

Contact Us

To learn more about how you can support the Swedish Digestive Health Network, please contact:

Duncan Robinson
Philanthropy Officer