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Swedish Digestive Health Institute

The Swedish Digestive Health Institute (SDHI) provides patients access to comprehensive care to enhance, restore and maintain their digestive health. 

When you support SDHI, you help patients access extraordinary care that’s based on research and provides the educational information needed to make informed care decisions about their disease and treatment options.

Patient Care and Support Services

Colorectal and Thoracic Surgery Fellowship
The Colorectal and Thoracic Surgery Fellowship Programs are vital for recruitment and retention of talented physicians at Swedish. The fellows receive mentorship from internationally-recognized doctors and augment the capacity of these clinics allowing for greater access to world-class care. Additionally, they also contribute to producing the vital outcomes and lab-based research that takes place at Swedish every day.

Digestive Health Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Fellowship
This one-year fellowship program provides candidates with clinical experience and practice-based knowledge in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. This fellowship program fills a vital area of need in nurse education nationwide, but as the only program of its kind outside of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, it is especially meaningful for our region.

Obesity and Diabetes Initiative
Swedish envisions a program to face the Obesity and Diabetes epidemic that provides exceptional care and educates the community to prevent future cases. This vision includes training and care support across the spectrum of need from Nutrition and Weight Loss for primary care providers to integration with Pediatrics to nutrition classes via telehealth and Facebook Live.

Gastroenterology Nurse Education Fund
With the support of caring community members like you, the Swedish Gastroenterology Nurse Education Fund develops tomorrow’s leading gastroenterology nurses and brings extraordinary digestive care to patients at Swedish—and far beyond.

Contact Us

For questions or to learn more, please contact:

Duncan Robinson
Philanthropy Officer