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Responding to COVID-19

To learn how to protect yourself from COVID-19, what to do if you feel sick, how to schedule a Virtual Visit and operational updates such as changes to our policy on visitors and elective surgeries, visit swedish.org.

Responding to the needs of our community is deeply rooted in our heritage. And we’re working diligently to address health care needs in response to COVID-19. We stand in awe of and gratitude to all of our caregivers who are on the frontlines caring for affected individuals and working to limit spread within our community.

We’re also grateful for you. As a philanthropic supporter of Swedish, we consider you a partner in the vital work. Together we can help our community deal with this significant concern.  

You can bolster our response to COVID-19 in many ways, including making a cash gift, donating medical supplies or food to nourish our hardworking caregivers or volunteering your time. 

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities
Thanks to improvements in the design, approval and deployment of clinical trials, Swedish is actively involved in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, there are many other ways you can help our patients and our caregivers in their work to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Learn more about our latest COVID-19 funding opportunties and where your support can make a difference today.
Make a Cash Gift

Your gift makes a true impact and will strengthen our ability to care for individuals affected by COVID-19 and to limit spread within our community.

Through your generous giving, Swedish provides support for vulnerable populations, including older adults and pregnant adults, will create a bio-repository for tissue and data analysis, and much more. Thank you.

Write a note on our Gratitude Garden

We invite you to help us recognize and appreciate these heroes by writing a special note to Swedish caregivers on our new Gratitude Garden.

Donate Medical Supplies

Our community is showing an outpouring of support with donations of vital medical supplies. Learn the kinds of supplies we need and how to donate. 


Do you have a background in health care or a passion for wellness? You can become a community partner by joining our newly forming group of volunteers.

Photo Gallery

Take a virtual tour of our hospitals to see how our caregivers are responding to COVID-19 and working to reduce its spread.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.