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Swedish Caregiver Campaign

Your generosity makes a difference! When you give to Swedish, you help ensure our excellence in health care remains strong – today and in the future. Since the Caregiver Campaign launched in 2006, caregivers like you have donated more than $1.7 million to enhance our compassionate care.

Your gift brings hope to so many – from improving our patients’ health to taking care of each other in times of need. You can read how gifts from caregivers like you support key initiatives across Swedish in this year’s philanthropic report to caregivers.

Invest in a healthy tomorrow for our community – give today!


Programs you can support

Swedish Fund for Excellence – Swedish’s Top Priorities and Areas of Greatest Need
Your gift to the area of greatest need is devoted to Swedish’s high-priority issues including advancing latest medical technology, staff education, patient-care practices, and research to improve patient health. Learn more...

Helping Hand Fund - Formerly called the Employee Emergency Fund
The Helping Hand Fund (formerly called the Employee Emergency Fund) supports your co-workers going through a crisis by helping them with with funeral costs, car repairs, rent or utilities, among other financial difficulties. Learn more...

Other Area of Your Choice
You can choose the fund where you’d like to direct your donation. This could be the program or department you work in, or an area of Swedish that you appreciate. 

To designate your gift, under “Designation” choose “Other” and input the area that you’d like to support.
Contact Us

If you have questions about the Swedish Caregiver Giving Program, please contact: 

Alex Reeder
Annual Giving Manager